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Boarding school kids are groomed to believe their success in life will correlate directly to how many hours they spend studying, and are thus utterly fascinated by prescription drugs that enhance academic performance. Never viewed as a shortcut or an excuse to be lazy, but rather students feel they have enhanced upon their already well-developed intellect and are thus catapulted ahead on the path to success.

A remarkable sight that occurs a few Saturday mornings each year is the SAT. Droves of students who should be shuffling their feet and suppressing yawns are instead abound with energy and optimism. Each and every one appears to have an insatiable desire to get to the test and begin. No one shows sign of worry or anxiety, because each and every student present is running on ambition that was fabricated in a lab and then marketed to parents who feared their children’s seemingly limitless energy.

Everyone knows the kid on campus that can hook you up with Adderall. He arrived as a meek 14 year old, emotionally stunted from years of taking the medication himself at the direction of his mother. Finding little in common with his peers, he soon turned to buying their appreciation through providing them with the elusive drug that turn the smart into prodigies. ‘Drug deals’ often consist of said dealer trying to convince you to stay and play Halo Campaign with him, but you inevitably have something urgent to do.