Sperry Topsiders

Classic Sperry Topsider

Sperry Topsiders.

Topsiders have, somewhere in history, interwoven themselves into boarding school life. They’re a yearlong delight, whether you’re wearing them barefoot in the spring and fall, or wearing them with ski socks in the winter.

Lax Bros will rock topsiders with the most passion. Incorporating them into any outfit, it’s not uncommon to wear seersucker shorts, nike mid-calves and a pair of topsiders. Other will rock them regardless of the occasion, from formals to accompanying sweatpants.

Others will wear the more formal topsiders with khakis as a courteous regard for the school’s dress code. These topsiders complete the look of the most pretentious prep schoolers alongside a blazer.

Girls begin to wear topsiders with jeans as the weather got colder, but before the weather calls for bean boots. The girls hockey team would seemingly follow a dress code including team sweats and topsiders.

Somewhere along the line, topsiders became an essential to a prep school student. Whether they were first put on you as an infant, before you can remember, or whether you first realized the essential role they played once you arrived on campus, everyone during their years in boarding school will covet a pair of Sperry Topsiders.

Undoubtably, someone will come back to school with a flashy pair of topsiders, either in an unorthodox color or a variation on the classic, and everyone will feel inclined to snicker as they go by for the first few weeks. However, upon returning home the following summer, those who scoffed will most likely pick up a pair because they were impressed all along, but were too self conscious to try something so bold at a school where such a stunt could leave you ostracized.

A "bold" Sperry


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