Students Seek Change!

Inspired by a post I read in the New York Times, I decided I’d touch on sleep, as it is a topic on which you can engage any prep schooler anywhere. All over the world.

(NYT Article:

It all balances on the fact that there is no better gift than time. The study Deerfield conducted, along with numerous other prep schools, started the day thirty minutes later and ended the day thirty minutes earlier. Classes were shortened by five minutes to total forty five minutes. Those classes seemed to fly by with just five minutes shaved off, and it felt great to get out of class while it was still light out. But I can attest for myself, and others I knew, that no more sleep was had.

In fact, I would say that it was no coincidence that disciplinary cases for drugs and alcohol reached record highs with the change in schedule. This would reflect the fact that more time led to more fun. Of course there was a heightened sense of well-being on campus because everyone had that little extra spring in their step. Those short five minutes coupled with the chance to see the setting sun summed up to a happier campus atmosphere.

But I can’t pin sleep as the culprit. It’s more due to the general drudge they sit you through each day, and the fact that gaining just a little bit of freedom can seem that sweet


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