Ray Ban Vision

Wayfarer Square


Ray Bans.

Ray Bans inevitably emerge each spring as kids return from March break. The first few to wear them will undoubtably claim that the glare from the melting snow hurts their eyes, and everyone else will nod in accordance as though no one’s aware that the snow that’s left is caked in dirt.

The Lax Bros will return from spring break training camp all sporting wayfarers of varying styles, diversifying the homogenous group into three or so categories of original, square cut and new style. The complete lax bro image: mid-calves, pastels, a lax piney and some Ray Bans decked out with some croakies (note previous post).

Preppy girls will come out in wayfarers of varying styles varying from the tortuous frame to flamboyant colors. The girls that would go lay on the lawns and tan in their bathing suits typically opted for the aviator style. They used to claim it helped in some manner when they were staring directly at the sun.

Then there were those who had the style that you get for twenty bucks on a street near NYU. They would laugh and say they were picking a pair up soon if anyone were asshole enough to bring it up. They ranged from a dream to a destiny, but everyone has Ray Bans on their mind.

That Ray Ban Vision: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F7RzYCHYIts


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